Same Day Service

Same Day Service

We know that a leaking or dirty air conditioner costs time and money while impacting the environment. Check-ups can help identify potential problems before they become costly breakdowns while rising electricity costs make efficiency more important every day. Combining a check-up with parts and labor protection to cover air conditioning breakdowns is a recipe for a happy summer. We start by booking the appointment at a convenient time before the grueling summer season starts. After our TSSA certified and licensed technicians come to complete their inspection, you’ll receive an exclusive HomeCare Report that gives an expert assessment of the equipment, and recommendations to keep it running safely and efficiently. This plan also includes full parts and labor protection – should your air conditioner break down, just call by 5:00 PM and we’ll be there as fast as that very day. With a network of licensed technicians performing thousands of maintenance and service calls every year, we’re experienced and know what needs to get done to ensure your family’s comfort.

Maintenance Check-up Details

We’ll inspect your air conditioner for hazardous debris, refrigerant leak, elevated carbon monoxide levels, and more. Specifically, we’ll perform:

8 diagnostic checks

  • Check and record carbon monoxide (CO) levels
  • Check temperatures across air handler
  • Check temperatures/air flow across the condenser coil
  • Check current draw on condenser motor and compressor
  • Test operation of condensation system and evaporator coil
  • Test unit by putting it through a full operation cycle
  • Clean outdoor condenser unit
  • Clean evaporator coil drain line
If any of these checks indicate a concern, we will perform up to a 21-point safety check to help ensure that your equipment is operating safely and efficiently before we leave your home.

Our up to a 21-point safety check will help to

  • Detect hazardous carbon monoxide
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Prolong the lifespan of your equipment
  • Ensure your air conditioner is running to manufacturer's specifications
  • Reduce the hassle of unexpected and inconvenient breakdowns

Parts & Labour Coverage: Our Protection Plan includes

  • Unlimited number of service calls
  • 365/24/7 Support center to take your calls
  • Same Day Service – just call by 5:00 PM and we'll be there as fast as the very same day!

Why Canadian Safety Standards?

At CSS, we pride ourselves on providing you with outstanding service. Training Our residential service technicians go through ongoing training to hold the highest possible certification levels in the province of Ontario. When our customers call us by 5:00 PM with no heating, cooling or hot water, we'll be there as fast as the same day, on average, 90% of the time!

Red Carpet Treatment

We treat your home as our own by using booties or a red carpet to ensure that dirt and debris aren't tracked throughout your house! You might want to learn more about Protection and Maintenance All your heating, cooling needs covered in one plan. Learn More